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Referral Fee For Nanny Placement

  • Registration Fee: $150

  • Full time live-out Nanny (35+ hrs/week): 13% of Nanny’s first year gross salary (minimum fee of $2,500)

  • Full time live-in Nanny (35+ hrs/week): 14% of Nanny’s first year gross salary (minimum fee of $3,000)

  • Part-time (A) Nanny (30-35 hrs/week): Flat fee $2,500

  • Part-time (B) Nanny (Less than 30 hrs/week): Flat fee $2000

  • Temporary Position (A) (5-8 months): Flat fee $2,000

  • Temporary Position (B) (4 months or Less): Flat fee $1,500

Booking Fee For Babysitter Placement

  • Registration fee: No Fee

  • Annual Membership fee (Only for 3 or more sitter services): $200

  • Babysitter Booking fee with 48-hours notice: $35

  • Babysitter booking fee with less than 48-hours notice: $40

  • Hotel Babysitter Booking fee: $40

  • Special event babysitter booking fee: $40


Registration Fee

The Registration Fee is a one-time fee for processing the Nanny search and it is non-refundable and non-transferable. The registration fee includes one (1) year of full access to our on-call and temporary Nanny placement services for the FAMILY.


Referral Fee

The Referral Fee is a one-time fee for placement of a Nanny with the FAMILY. The FAMILY will be charged the Referral fee only upon confirmation of the employment of a Nanny.


Annual Membership Fee 

The annual membership fee covers unlimited use of our sitter services but does not cover the booking fee.


Babysitter Booking Fee

The Babysitter Booking Fee is a charged per each booking. AGENCY cannot guarantee a placement for all last-minute requests. The FAMILY will pay the sitter for a minimum of three (3) hours and will be paid in cash directly to the sitter upon completion of the assignment. The FAMILY will pay the sitter for whatever hours they are booked for even if the FAMILY decides to end the assignment early.

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