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We need to cultivate a compassion that is powerful enough to make us feel committed to bringing about the well-being of others, so that we are actually willing to shoulder the responsibility for making this happen.

- H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama


Our vision is to commit ourselves to hire nannies based on three objectives:

  • To bring into your family a nanny who is genuinely loving, caring, compassionate, trustworthy and reliable

  • To find an experienced nanny with a positive attitude and stimulates synergies

  • To hire a nanny who fits your needs and possesses essential skills such as coaching, building a strong, meaningful and a long term working relationship


Our goal is to assist parents by finding a skilled nanny who understands and embodies the values of Compassion, Love and Kindness. We promote excellence in our service not simply as an end in itself, but as a way to contribute to the happiness of everyone in the family network.


Tibetan Sitter’s founder, Tenzin Choedon, was born to a Tibetan refugee couple in India. She was raised, educated, and worked within the Tibetan refugee community in India until she moved to the United States in 2007. Her mother, Penpa Kyipa, received nursing training from the American Red Cross Society, then for over thirty years worked as a nurse at a Tibetan refugee boarding school. With her strong work ethic, her honesty, and her dedication to the Tibetan concept of Shenphen-gy-sem or altruism, Penpa Kyipa was promoted to manager of the school’s “baby home.” It was there that Tenzin, as a teenager, developed her passion for working with young children and learned the value of caring for them with genuine love and compassion. Tenzin witnessed her mother nurturing those children, preparing them to become useful citizens wherever they might go, ultimately making their communities better places to live.

This early exposure to childcare based on the principle of kindness motivated Tenzin when she chose to be a professional nanny. She soon realized that the job of nanny is not simply walking children in parks or babysitting; it is to serve as an extension of the parents, thereby affecting the growth of young children mentally, physically and emotionally. Tenzin could see that young children need to be taken care of by someone who is intelligent, thoughtful, kind, loving, compassionate, mindful, reliable, responsible, and self-disciplined—and who believes in the virtue of patience. She has seen parents struggling to find nannies with these qualities, but she knows firsthand there are many wonderful nannies waiting to be hired. That is how Tibetan Sitter came about. Tenzin’s mother taught her that the motives and actions that shape human beings’ behavior and ethical values arise from very early stages of life. From the very moment of birth, human beings have an innate desire and readiness to participate in the process of moral habituation. As Tenzin’s mother says, “when children are raised or cared for by someone who is deeply influenced by the principles of love and compassion, thus shapes the broad dimensions of their personality and character.”



Founder | Director of Operations

Tenzin Choedon has been a nanny by profession for over 5 years in New York City and San Francisco. Prior to that she worked in Burlington, Vermont, at the city’s Clerk and Treasurer’s Office and later as an administrator in its Code Enforcement Office. She has also worked as a nursing assistant in several nursing homes and at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison, WI. Her day-to-day association with other nannies has helped her build a strong nanny network in San Francisco and East Bay. She is also a member of the Tibetan Association of Northern California.

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