1. Why should I choose Tibetan Sitter Cleaning Service?

Tibetan sitter cleaning services is a part of the Tibetan Sitter Nanny Referral Agency. Our core values revolve around compassion and mindfulness. We are cognizant and assure you that we are scrupulous in maintaining our credibility of providing best services to our patrons by pursuing honesty and integrity relentlessly. Proof of our outstanding service can be attested by positive reviews our nanny agency received, which in turn provided us impetus to set the bar little higher to enhance our customer service quality. Our cleaners are mostly Tibetan refugees who immigrated lawfully to this country and make it their home away from home, as well as build a brighter and better future for their families. They are passionate when it comes to their work ethics and responsibilities.

In short, our cleaners are hardworking, loyal, humble, detail oriented, mindful and reliable.

Tenzin Choedon, who founded this company was a part of UW Madison, WI Hospitals and Clinic’s Environmental Services Department and attended numerous trainings and workshops on hygiene, safety and sanitation. This background and the training Tenzin received at this prestigious organization yielded immense benefits, meaning it turned out to be a great asset in that she can now pass on the knowledge to the cleaners.

3. What are some of the things included in deep cleaning?

Some examples of our deep cleaning are: cleaning inside of ovens, refrigerators, windows, bathtubs, laundry (folding excluded), dishwashers (both sink and machine wash) and much more.

6. How long will the cleaning take?

Typically, standard cleaning takes 3-4 hours. Extra 30 minutes will be added for every additional service included in the deep cleaning.

4. How do I find the pricing for the cleaning service?

Once you fill out our booking form, we will email you the estimate.

7. Can standard cleaning and deep cleaning be done on the same day?

Yes (most likely) but it could depend on how soon you book and availability of slot. Nevertheless, we do offer a different date and time for deep cleaning if the slot is not available.

5. What happens if I’m not satisfied with the service?

If we fail to provide the level of service you expect, we would be happy to re-clean the area for you at no additional cost for one-time-only.

2. What are the cleaning services Tibetan Sitter offer?

We offer both standard and deep cleaning for residential homes. We include laundry and dishwashing services at a very reasonable below market rate.

8. Do I have to be around when the cleaners come for cleaning?

We highly encourage you to be there for the first cleaning session to walk our cleaners through, and share any important information in regard to cleaning the house/apt., especially if there are any precious or fragile things that cleaners should avoid touching or if you have pet(s) in the house.

9. What happens if you break something in the house while you were cleaning?

Our cleaners will do their tasks dutifully and carefully. However, if they accidentally break something while cleaning, we will pay for replacement. Incidentally, we are fully insured.

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